Germany vs Spain – The Final

June 29, 2008

weihenstephaner schneider erdinger

The German Cup
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel
Georg Schneider & Sohn Aventinus
Erdinger Weissbrau Dunkel

spicy ribs

The German Plate
Gerwurzte Schweinsrippchen – Braised Spicy Spareribs


little m
4 stars

I was really keen to have Spanish again, but we went with German instead (I think the beer options swayed the chef!) These finger-licking spareribs were a solid dish to finish the challenge on. I’d leave the cloves out next time, as I didn’t care for them in this recipe. The potatoes were bought at the Kelvin Grove markets on Saturday, and were well worth the special trip.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I had a go at making a Spanish flan (from a packet) – it tasted just like bottled custard. I also made German chocolate pudding (from a packet) – and it tasted just like yogo! Neither of them were photogenic and water condensation spoilt the tops. They were both duds, so we agreed to not include them in the score.

Big M

4.5 stars (cup)
4.5 stars (plate)

The 3 German beers I picked this time were basically the dark (dunkel) versions of those I had earlier on. Again the Schneider rained supreme, however at 8% was a little too much for me, you could only have one.

The German dish we picked I am not sure is completely authentic, the roast potatoes were an English favourite. We found king edward’s at the markets as well as nicola and kipfler. The king edwards were simply better as they crisp up well and remain fluffy and strong tasting inside. The ribs were very tender and flavoursome and I will be having them again.