June 26, 2008

italian cup

The Italian Cup
Menabrea Birra

chicken and sweet potato stew

The Italian Plate
Rigatoni with sausage, fennel and tomato


little m
2 stars
This is a dish I have never had before and I must admit it grew on me. I wasn’t so sure if it was the different taste of authentic chunky Italian sausage or the fennel, but the next day I had it again for lunch and loved it! This is an easy dish for a weeknight.

Yes, sadly Italy is out of the competition and we missed having Italian cuisine when they did play. So this is our first make up evening – since no other teams were playing.

Big M
2 and half stars(cup)
2 stars (plate)

Nice Italian lager but nothing out of the ordinary.
2 and half stars.

The rigatoni went down well. We used home made Italian sausages from the European deli (Pennisi) at Woolloongabba. It was even better the next day, so make plenty!
4 stars.