Netherlands vs Russia

June 24, 2008

russian cup

The Russian Cup
Black Russian

chicken and sweet potato stew

The Netherlands Plate
Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew


little m
2.5 stars

Saturday was a huge day for planning the week’s menus and grocery shopping. I thought we were on the down hill slide now, with a few nights off, but actually we have missed quite a few cups so we’ll try to make them up. The first one is a Black Russian – which technically isn’t even Russian. Oops!

I thought there was orange in the Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew, but there wasn’t. I quite like sweet potato and this dish is okay but I wouldn’t bother with it again.

Talking about dishes – check out these well dressed European men in football.

Big M
2 and half stars(cup)
2 stars (plate)

I dunt loike it.
2 stars.

Netherlands vs France

June 14, 2008


The Dutch Cup

Dutch beer stew

The Dutch Plate
Beef stew with beer and dumplings, red cabbage and apple on the side


little m
4 and half stars
It was nice to come home on Friday to this hearty beef stew cooking in the oven. The meat was nice and tender and the beer based sauce wasn’t over powering and only faintly hinted at it’s beer origins. The dumplings were also delicious – the only way I can think to make this dish better would be to perhaps throw a few vegetables in the pot next time to make it a bit healthier. This time we had red cabbage and apple to balance the meal, but I’m not sure if that’s authentic or not.

Big M
4 stars (cup)
4 and half stars (plate)

What a cup this is. The bottle is quite classy with the flip top, I will re-use it for my home brew. The lager inside is also classy. As mentioned before I don’t drink lagers often but every time I have a Grolsch I enjoy it.
4 stars.

The plate was even better! I used my own summer ale home brew in this recipe. It is a relatively dark ale, I would also suggest a German wheat ale (Dunkel). The beef had melted into the dish and the bread dumplings were there to soak up the beer gravy. The red cabbage and apple on the side topped off a wonderful meal. Let it be known that I do love a Beef in Guinness with dumplings, so I think I was always going to love this one.
4 and half stars.