Germany vs Turkey

June 25, 2008

weihenstaphaner schneider erdinger

The German Cup
Weihenstephaner original
Georg Schneider’s organic wiesen edel-weisse
Erdinger weis bier


The German Plate
Knackwurst mit spatzle, karotten im bier


little m
4 stars

We have German sausages quite regularly as the meat has a fine texture, with no mystery bits or fatty lumps. We confess the spatzle was from a packet – Big M was surprised it would take 25 minutes to cook. His initial estimate was only 10 minutes (like pasta). We’ve had this style of carrots before and I remember them to be more sweeter – perhaps play with the amount of sugar and choice of beer.

Big M
4 stars (cup)
4 stars (plate)

The best cup here was the Georg Schneider’s. In comparison to the other 2 it is much more flavoursome and complex with cloves heavy on the palette. All 3 are worthy matches to knackwurst.
4 stars.

The knackwurst gets 3 stars on its own. We get ours from the Chiberg stall at the Jan Power’s markets. The Gotzinger brand of beer is much more accessible recently, you can find them in Woolworths and IGA.  They also do a great Kassler as well. Unfortunately the spatzle was plain, the Carrots in beer were nice, a good way to cook them.
3 stars.