Switzerland vs Czech Republic

June 8, 2008

swiss cup

The Swiss Cup
Gluhwein – Warm spiced wine

swiss plate

The Swiss Plate
Tonno in umido – Tuna stew with polenta


little m
3 stars
A good honest start to the Euro Cup.

Both recipes were from the Swiss Winter in the Alps cookbook by Manuela Darling-Gansser. We have tried the Tuna stew before and it tasted better, so we suspect we may have used tuna in oil the first time, rather than springwater.

I’m dreading waking up at 2am to watch the match, and have asked Big M to tape it for me. He scoffed at the suggestion – I guess it is a long weekend, but still…..

Big M
3 and half stars (cup)
2 and half stars (plate)
Nice hearty winter cup and plate.

I do like a spiced wine. I think it is important to let the wine sit after spicing and then heat up again before drinking.
3 and half stars.

I used 3 minute polenta which makes this plate easy. I did not do this recipe justice though. The photo also does not look as appetising as i would have liked.
2 and half stars.