Czech Republic vs Turkey

June 16, 2008

zlatopramen breznak

The Czech Cup
Breznak lager

czech goulash

The Czech Plate
Czech Goulash with Bread Dumplings


little m
3 stars
The elephants out there may remember we had Czech Goulash for The World Cup and Plate. To recap for all the other mere mortals – Big M gave the dish a 9 out of 10 and thought is was fantastic. Littlem, the self-confessed fussier eater of the two, gave it a measly 6.5.

This dish suffered from following too closely behind a very memorable Dutch beef stew with beer and dumplings. It was less flavoursome and the meat wasn’t as tender.

I’m starting to get worried we will miss out on eating Italian, as they aren’t doing so well on the scoreboard, and we were anticipating them easily getting through to the finals.

Big M
4 stars (cup)
3 and half stars (plate)

These were 2 fabulous Czech lagers. Flavoursome and complex, the way beer should be not like the Australian excuse for gnats wee. I got these from Dan Murphy’s who seem to carry the imported versions rather than the versions made for exporting which i think are not as good. Let’s face it if you produced fab beer would you ship it to Oz? No, you would keep it for yourself like the French do with their wine.
4 stars.

This plate was not as satisfying as it was in 2006 when we had it for world cup and plate. The grating of potato in just before the end was a nice touch to thicken up the gravy. The meat had not taken on the flavours adequately though.
3 and half stars.