Croatia vs Poland

June 17, 2008


The Croatian Cup


The Croatian Plate
Istarska minestra – Istrian Minestrone


little m
3 stars

I must confess I deliberately had a large lunch because I knew we were having soup for dinner. I was surprised to discover that this minestrone wasn’t heavy handed in the tomato base. The pork was very subtle and it allowed the vegetables to shine through.

The Silver Spoon describes minestrone as a “pleasant winter dish” containing fresh garden vegetables and herbs, along with pasta, rice and pulses, and the essential fat (butter, bacon fat or oil). Of course, it has a whole chapter on different versions from some of the Italian regions, and yet, none of them are quite like this Croatian recipe.

Big M
3 stars (cup)
3 and half stars (plate)

Another lager and another 3 star cup. Karlovacho aroused no emotions, however i was pleased to find a Croatian beer. The bottle shop is near ‘era’ South Brisbane on Melbourne Street if anyone wants to know. They have a lot of international beer and wines.
3 stars.

The maximum this plate was ever going to get was 3 and half stars. Sorry, but a soup will never rate high on my list of meals to have for dinner. Having said that it was a fulfilling soup and I am happy there are plenty of leftovers for lunch.
3 and half stars.