Austria vs Croatia

June 9, 2008

trumer pils gosser

The Austrian Cup
Trumer Pils
Gosser beer

weiner schitzel

The Austrian Plate
Wiener schnitzel with potato dumplings


Apfelstrudel – Apple strudel


little m
4 stars
The wiener schnitzel was fantastic. The ordinary potato dumplings let the dish down, and next time I would have preferred boiled potatoes with parsely and butter. The apple strudel really was divine and I hope we’ll be cooking this one again soon. Loved the filo pastry. Just perfect – dessert would get 5 stars by itself!

Big M
3 and half stars (cup)
3 and half stars (plate)

The beer was not my style, I would rather a well hopped ale. I did notice the quality in the Trumer Pils however, especially as i just so happened to have a Tooheys Pils in the fridge. In comparison the Tooheys tastes like XXXX! So I recommend Trumer if you like a Pilsner.
3 and half stars.

We read a recipe that demanded the Wiener schnitzel be veal and not be accompanied by anything but lemon juice, apparently it was the German’s who use pork and poured sauce all over it. So we had the schnitzel Austrian style and it was a winner. I used dark breadcrumbs so it does not look photogenic. The potato dumplings were from a packet mix we found at a euro deli, they were OK.

The apfelstrudel was fabulous, I would rather a more hearty pastry than the filo, however it did the job and kept the moist parcel of apple, raisans and cinnamon just scrumptious!
3 and half stars.