Turkey vs Croatia

rose water

The Turkish Cup
Rose sherbert

turkish pizza

The Turkish Plate
Lahmacun – Turkish Pizza


little m
3.5 stars

Once again, we were a little uncertain and unplanned for what dinner would be! Lahmacun is also know as Turkish pizza – and it’s usually topped with minced meat (lamb or beef). You roll the pizza up in to a tube and eat it that way – some times it will include other fillings, like vegetables or kebab meat. If you don’t have time to make the dough from scratch you could use pita bread or tortilla for the base.

The turkish bread we bought was very thick – I’d prefer a thinner base next time, which I think is more authentic. There was no way you could roll this version, and the mince topping kept falling down my sleeves and on the floor!

The rose sherbet we actually had the next day, as the flavours needed to infuse overnight. A refreshing change to soft drink. Although I can’t see many footballer fans drinking this one!

Big M
N/A (cup)
3.5 stars (plate)

I could have had Efes as the cup for this one. Efes is a Turkish lager and although its not a great beer I can’t bear the thought of another cup-less country!

The Lahmucan was a good Friday night pizza dish. To improve this I would drizzle with garlic yoghurt and hummus.
3 and half stars.


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