Greece vs Russia


The Greek Cup

Greek salad

chicken and lamb souvlaki

The Greek Plate
Chicken and Lamb Souvlaki with Greek salad


little m
4 stars
These are two tried and tested dishes from Greece. The souvlaki is always a winner and was nicely complemented by the fresh flavours of the salad. Warm up the pita bread just before serving to wrap your meat and salad around. This is a great meal for the weekend or a summer BBQ on holidays.

Big M
2 and half stars (cup)
4 stars (plate)

Mythos was the only Greek cup I could find and assume that it is not the best lager Greece has to offer. It would be like only being able to get your hands on a VB in Greece and calling all Australian beer rubbish.

We fired up the Weber for this one, like the Greeks we cook the souvlaki over hot coals. This is nothing new to us we do it all the time so it was expectantly grand! We used Dodoni fetta for the Greek salad and is authentically Greek. It was very good and only $6.


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