Poland vs Austria

brok sambor zwiec

The Polish Cup
Brok Sambor

polish noodles and cabbage

The Polish Plate
Polish noodles and cabbage with kielbasa


little m
2 stars
We weren’t sure if the polish sausage we got was authentic kielbasa or not. It initially looked a bit like luncheon, but the pork meat is better quality and had a slight taste of garlic. I’m not a big fan of caraway seeds, which let the dish down. If you’d liked to try something different with your pasta, it’s worth a shot.

Big M
4 stars (cup)
3 stars (plate)

At last, back on the exploration of the European cup, drinking that is. These were two good lagers from Poland, both giving full flavour with ABV 5.6/5.7%. I don’t drink lagers too often apart from Knappstein and only when it is on special, but the Zywiec I will buy again.

I quickly liked the combination of butter, salt, cabbage and egg pasta. It got getter as I added a mouthful of the polish sausage (kielbasa) but I got tired of the caraway seeds and their crunch. I would not use the caraway seeds in this recipe as they don’t have enough time to moisten and permeate the dish. I liked the fact that cabbage goes well with egg pasta and so is a nice alternative to having an Italian style dish.
3 stars.


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