Sweden vs Greece

swedish cup

The Swedish Cup
Absolut Vodka

swedish plate

The Swedish Plate
Poached freshwater salmon in a sour cream sauce, with dilled potato salad


little m
3 stars
Interesting flavours which worked well together, but not something I’d be rushing to have again. I didn’t care for the sour cream sauce. The potato salad was great with the fresh herbs.

Big M
N/A (cup)
3 stars (plate)

The Absolut we did not drink as again like with Romania we struggled to find a cup. The photo is just for decoration! So, again let us know a Swedish drink that you know of through the comments link.

The plate was nice but not the one that needs to grab us and we rave on about. The poaching in wine is a nice idea and I will use this method again. The sauce however I will leave alone as I am not big on dairy sauces. I do think though that plenty of people would like it. The potato salad was basic but did match the fish.
3 stars.


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