Romania vs France

Mititei and flat beans

The Romanian Plate
Mititei – Romanian minced meat rolls

Flat beans with tomato and parsley


little m
2.5 stars
What can I say about the mititeis? I know they don’t look that attractive, but they are really nice. They are Romanian street food – but I dunno they are just like burger patties. Those of you out there who are observant may notice that the side dish of flat beans is actually sugar snap peas. Blame the chef’s assistant – and being a public holiday we couldn’t be bothered buying the right ones! Speaking of shopping, getting groceries on Sunday was such a palaver. We decided to buy everything we needed for the whole week, which meant deciding which dishes we were going to eat. Unfortunately we had a few too many different versions of goulash, meat and potatoes or stews!

BTW the leftover apfelstrudel just keeps getting better.

Big M
N/A (cup)
3 stars (plate)

Firstly, we could not for the life of us find a Romanian cup. If you know a Romanian drink please let us know through the comments link.

The plate dishes did not really suit each other, as little m mentions the mince is a street food and so better served with bread and onions me thinks. Having said that the beans (sugar snap peas) melted in my mouth so I did enjoy them. Next time if I were to do the mititei I would increase the pork to beef ratio to provide more moisture (fat).
3 stars.


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