Kick off….

This year we are back – hopefully a little better prepared this time.

Once again, we are aiming to eat one dish or drink originating from one of the countries playing in The UEFA Euro Cup on the day of their match. We aim to cover all countries.

We have developed a little bit of strategy to try to cover all teams – if you were following our progress with The World Cup and Plate we did miss out on trying a few! We’ve lined up recipes for each of the countries, although please send us your suggestions for any Russian recipes you have tried. If we’re not too tired you might even get a recipe or two out of us.

We have visited a number of different delis and liquor shops to collect different ingredients and european products.

We’re also using a new digital SLR camera and a tripod. BigM has set up a temporary light box. So fingers crossed the photos will be better.

If you want a short humorous round up of all the teams playing visit Catflap‘s well designed online magazine.

Things will be a little quiet this year with England missing out in the qualifiers. So we’ll be cheering on Switzerland and Italy, but once again, we’ll try not to be biased.

<Blow whistle>…..


2 Responses to Kick off….

  1. Angie says:

    That’s a very clever site you’ve got here. I love pho too. I think the I Love Pho exhibition may be travelling to Brisbane – I’ll contact the Curator for you and see what he says. 🙂

  2. Technogal says:

    I admit too very clever site 🙂 and I like!

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